Our Trees

Grand Fir Christmas Tree


This is your traditional Christmas classic, strong sturdy green needles, great classic tree smell, but not too strong, strong branches. Best needle retention, classic triangle shape and layered look.

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree


This is a perennial favourite for those who prefer the slight blue and silver hue of the underside of the needles, combined with a great fir smell. This tree has the second best needle retention. They are soft needles that do not not prick when handling.

Grand Fir Christmas Tree


This is a very popular tree for those who want to have their house smell like the fir tree was just cut. It has a great aroma. This tree has flatter needles but has the strongest fir smell. This tree will require more water consistently for needle retention, however, this tree has become very popular in recent years.



This is an uncultured (not shaped) Christmas tree. Very strong branches. Imagine if you were on the top of a ski mountain, that is this tree. In Europe, families still place candles in between the boughs of these trees.